24th Jan 2014
(C) Swedish artist Maria Nässlander


I am capable of receiving ALL the JOY I have requested I am expanding to receive ALL the JOY I have requested I am strong enough to receive ALL the...

19th Jun 2013
Believe (c) Terry Johnson

Welcome Global Soul Explorers – Spiritual Warriors!

    Please enjoy discovering the wonderful words of wisdom of Illuminating the Delight in Light on my new blog… Light & more light Nichola

31st Mar 2013
Blue Face Tree

Going within faces your doubts, fears head on…

Looking outward will always bring up anxiety, doubt, fears… Going within faces the anxiety, doubt, fears head on and ultimately dissolves them – always, always, always and then when you...

14th Feb 2013

Realize your “rebel’s” potential

Realize your “rebel” is very much part of you today – in the form of still doing things differently – thinking “outside the box,” living your life differently. And by...

11th Feb 2013
Columbia Gorge

Time to grow and evolve from Joy

Indeed these past few years humanity has been growing and evolving from fear, through fear, by fear, with fear and because of fear – False Evidence Appearing Real. Now it...

30th Dec 2012

2012/2013 “Do-Overs”

Forgiveness – allowing forgiveness, and receiving forgiveness – A  “do over” so important to allow for a “do-over” in life in yours and others.                                                             Yes we understand “do-overs” were not...

19th Dec 2012
Winter Tree

The adolescence is crying out for help

For your world desperately needs to look deeper at its adolescent.  Desperately needs to listen to its adolescent, needs to have a greater understanding, a greater awareness of this, for...

29th Nov 2012
Rock Pink

Everyone is learning, growing & evolving

Everyone is learning and growing and evolving through experience – EVERYONE – cultures, governments, communities, families and even yourself… Struggling is a big part of your culture.  I t is...