10th May 2013
Rocks & Runes flyer - May 10

Mother’s Day weekend – Honoring & celebrating The Feminine

  Align with courageous & empowered women from the past who have broken barriers, created paths and inspired others to follow – Discover your “Soul Sister” to lean & call...

03rd May 2013
Rocks & Runes flyer - May 3

The MORE of LIFE Magnificent Offerings Richer Energies OF Living In Full Existence

The evening will consist of a guided meditation & an opportunity to ask individual questions. Illuminating the Delight in Light are a collection of loving wise beings that bring their...

19th Apr 2013
Rocks & Runes flyer - April 19-1

Healing the broken heart

Heal the wounds & scars from your past that have injured your heart and keep you from Healing the broken heart –    fully loving and embracing LIFE    Living In Full...

05th Apr 2013
Rocks & Runes flyer - April 5-1

Where Are YOU? Do you honor & respect Your Own Uniqueness?

Where Are YOU? Do you honor & respect Your Own Uniqueness? Do you embrace and love yourself or do you hide and reject your Uniqueness? Are you willing to look...

01st Mar 2013
Rocks & Runes flyer - March 1

Let the Joy In…

Are you growing and evolving with Joy or with Fear? Are you creating with Joy or with Fear?   Has doubt seeped in; has worry slipped in the door, is fear...

01st Feb 2013
Rocks & Runes flyer - Feb 1

Let Your Soul Soar!

As the New Year begins, it is a time to reflect, to celebrate and welcome in new ideas, initiated new beginnings, revelations, relationships, projects and exciting innovative adventures for the...

12th Oct 2012


  How can humanity evolve without individuals evolving too?… How can humanity grow without individuals growing too?… If you are looking to expand your horizons, align with your truer self...