2012/2013 “Do-Overs”

MariaStudio19.com_Gate1Forgiveness – allowing forgiveness, and receiving forgiveness – A  “do over” so important to allow for a “do-over” in life in yours and others.                                                             Yes we understand “do-overs” were not permitted when growing up – a sign of weakness, a real offense that needed to be punished forever, held accountable forever, reminded often and sentenced for life.

Yet life is Living In Full Existence – which includes the good, the bad, the ugly – it includes experiencing all emotions, all feelings and all experiences.  For without the different tides of change there is no change, no growth, no evolution…

You see this very clearly in politics, clearly demonstrating no mistakes allowed, no forgiveness, punished forever and certainly sentenced for life for their sins by the judge and jury of the media.

Yet if you step back just a little, you can let in a little latitude for forgiveness to seep in and seeds of growth to be planted with a new crop – a “do-over” so to speak to try again – this time differently with adjustments, with tweaks and space to evolve, to change for humanity’s growth – for to err is human after all…

And yes, the news can and does serve at a higher purpose for those willing to observe and receive.  For tragic events bring out much debate from both sides, blame from both sides, anger from both sides, pain from both sides, opinions from all sides.

And how to move forward from here?

Not from protecting mistakes, not from blame, not from pain and not from anger:

From forgiveness – yes at great cost, yes at great loss, and yes from much grief.

Humanity has evolved much over the last century, been through so much pain and grief and is is is evolving from including the heart, not omitting the heart.  From including love, not excluding love – knowing that no pain, no grief is worth the cost of love.

Of course, there are still many that seek revenge, seek to cause pain, to pass on their pain but the scales are tipping that this is not the path to take, for it does not bring peace and true stillness within the heart.

Forgiveness asks for much vulnerability, to be wrong, to have made a mistake – true remorse  Forgiveness requires great vulnerability to expose the heart to lay bare its pain but this also exposes its love and its strength.  Reveals the power of love, the strength of love to allow forgiveness, allow remorse for healing and allow for movement forward from growth and evolution with love, by love, for love and because of love.

Let 2013 be a year of Change, change with Consciousness, change with Wisdom, change with Love and much growth with Loving Conscious Wisdom.

Happy New Year to all Loving Souls!

Illuminating the Delight in Light