2012/2013 “Do-Overs”

Forgiveness – allowing forgiveness, and receiving forgiveness – A  “do over” so important to allow for a “do-over” in life in yours and others.                                                             Yes we understand “do-overs” were not permitted when growing up – a sign of weakness, a real offense that needed to be punished forever, held accountable forever, reminded often and sentenced […]

The adolescence is crying out for help

For your world desperately needs to look deeper at its adolescent.  Desperately needs to listen to its adolescent, needs to have a greater understanding, a greater awareness of this, for left unchecked can cause so much destruction that you have witnessed this past week. For adolescence build a wall around them which can develop into […]

Everyone is learning, growing & evolving

Everyone is learning and growing and evolving through experience – EVERYONE – cultures, governments, communities, families and even yourself… Struggling is a big part of your culture.  I t is worn as a badge of honor, especially by those that survived tremendous odds like World War II.  Struggle defines your strength, your tenacity, your determination […]

The Spiritual Warrior is gaining ground…

Forgiveness is such a huge part of your growth and expansion – it can move mountains AND change the World. Holding on to your righteousness and judgments creates stagnation and polarization.  And by holding firm in and on this position invites endings and death.  Forgiveness does not judge and has no room for criticism, it […]

Profound Blessings to our Ancestors

Profound blessings indeed to those courageous enough to journey back and to be willing to look deeper, delve deeper into your family heritage.  For, indeed, your Grandfather was never seen or acknowledged for his service to his country, for his warrior that sacrificed much and endured great suffering and trauma for his struggles as a […]

By love is YOU – the vehicle of love

By love is YOU – the vehicle of love Yes, you are lovable, yes you are a loving person and yes you do have parts that are wounded – the small self. All these parts are seeking love & more love – they are not cruel, nor malicious; and yes they do express their anger […]

You are loved!

Do Nothing…

Performing perfectly to be noticed, to be loved is really a huge misunderstanding – Do nothing and you are loved Do nothing and you are supported Do nothing and Be And by Being – you are loved By Being – you are supported By Being – you are Present By being Present – you are […]