By love is YOU – the vehicle of love

MariaStudio19.com_PeachRosesBy love is YOU – the vehicle of love

Yes, you are lovable, yes you are a loving person and yes you do have parts that are wounded – the small self.

All these parts are seeking love & more love – they are not cruel, nor malicious; and yes they do express their anger & fear from a place of wanting more love, desiring more love from the feeling of lacking in love.

Yet these parts are also a product of love and are still rooted in love.  The light still flickers in these parts too!  For they are not bad – they are just not aware of how much love is available and have forgotten to tap into the love – have forgotten to look down and around as you keep growing from love, by love, for love and because of love

You truly are deeply rooted in love

Illuminating the Delight in Light