Everyone is learning, growing & evolving

Rock PinkEveryone is learning and growing and evolving through experience – EVERYONE – cultures, governments, communities, families and even yourself…

Struggling is a big part of your culture.  I t is worn as a badge of honor, especially by those that survived tremendous odds like World War II.  Struggle defines your strength, your tenacity, your determination to survive and succeed.  So why would you want to give it up?

For you are here today because of struggle and now the economy is the “enemy” you struggle against to overcome.

What if the “economy” wasn’t the enemy?

What if “struggle” wasn’t the answer, the antidote?

As you take away your focus from the economy as your enemy, the anger disperses and will naturally take with it the powerlessness – the struggle…

Look around you – there are no food lines – yes they do exist because your media shows you – but this is not your reality.  No need to join them, to empathize –

Be compassionate… Yes – Be understanding… Yes –

But find a solution for others to follow – YES, YES ,YES…

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