Going within faces your doubts, fears head on…

Blue Face TreeLooking outward will always bring up anxiety, doubt, fears…

Going within faces the anxiety, doubt, fears head on and ultimately dissolves them – always, always, always and then when you look out again the view has changed.  It is different, it is clearer, it is brighter, it is greater, vaster and more &more inspiring and more & more magnificent.

So, continue to see yourself as a strong powerful creator and do it over and over again.  For this indeed was the teaching of your journey with your home –

Honoring Own Mystical Evolution.  Rather than fighting the curriculum, embrace this new curriculum you have discovered and and and know it works!

Stop beating yourself up when you are guided to continue on this new curriculum, to use these new teachings in your day to day life and know these voices come from family telling you, you are wrong – putting doubt in your mind that what if they are right – you are crazy!

And we say NO – there is a kinder, gentler way to address things, problems, events and it is even more powerful and real.

For your little one is still intimidated by her sibling – influenced by her and in fact afraid of her – for she did succeed and excel at school and, as you believe it, you did not.  For it was not a nurturing, sensitive environment and your sibling thrived in these surroundings.  For example, if you and your siblings were sent to Iraq – they would thrive and you would not.  Would you beat yourself up for this?  No – you would view this as a hostile environment and walk away where your siblings would enjoy the challenge.

This is indeed the fundamental difference between you – it is fundamental and this will not change.  Take strength within to accept this Truth – you are, are, are different and it is, is, is okay and, and, and love yourself more for this fact – not for being better than but for knowing, recognizing, acknowledging your gentleness, your kindness, your compassion and there is strength in these qualities and great strength in your sensitivity – and it has purpose, it has courage, it has power to help change and make a difference.