Profound Blessings to our Ancestors

MariaStudio19.com_BuddahProfound blessings indeed to those courageous enough to journey back and to be willing to look deeper, delve deeper into your family heritage.  For, indeed, your Grandfather was never seen or acknowledged for his service to his country, for his warrior that sacrificed much and endured great suffering and trauma for his struggles as a soldier in World War I and World War II.

For his Soul knowingly came as the warrior to say “no more, no more undisciplined behavior” yet his persona perceived himself as a “bean-counter” instead, which caused great pain, much anger for not being truly honored and seen in his family as the trauma of war played out.  So he projected much anger and hatred on his family, including your mother, preventing her free expression and joy at exploring as she grew, forgetting he had indeed fought in the war for freedom.  So let his off-springs, your aunts & uncles, including your mother to truly acknowledge and honor him for his good deeds in stepping forward and taking action, despite much sacrifice.  Let them truly honor him so he can take responsibility for his wrong-doing to them so that the love between him and his family can flow again.

Now introduce him to his grandchildren, all of them, including you and all those living across the globe – in Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, Canada and USA.  Step forward and let him see you too – for you all carry this unfulfilled desire to be seen, acknowledged and honored for Who You Are (Your Own Uniqueness).

Let him see you – let him see you carry the angel’s wings of the spiritual warrior continuing his work, to create space for more love in the world and you do so consciously.  Give him back any underlining residual of the martyr-victim for not being seen or heard so you can now fully open your wings to be seen and heard, acknowledged and valued for your truth, beauty and goodness – knowing you carry the warrior energy of your Grandfather.  Yet you do not have to sacrifice anymore to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Let him now see his Great Grandchildren and his Great, Great Grandchildren and to know it was not in vain, his actions were deeply impacted so none of you have to fight in wars, rather to take up the peace light and bring great knowledge and wisdom consciously for future generations so he can rest in peace.  His soldier warrior stops with him and no more sacrifices need to be made on behalf of this family lineage.  Light a candle in honor of his memory and his great contribution and participation in humanity’s growth and evolution.

Feel and receive his blessing to unfold your wings to explore and discover the spiritual warrior path, free to be seen, acknowledged and valued for Who You Are and your own contribution and participation in humanity’s growth and evolution.

Illuminating the Delight in Light