Realize your “rebel’s” potential

Realize your “rebel” is very much part of you today – in the form of still doing things differently – thinking “outside the box,” living your life differently.

And by this, we mean not “toeing the line” by allowing yourself to think and look at things and situations independently.  This is your adolescent rebel morphing and evolving into an independent thinker – and, an independent thinker creates new worlds, new opportunities, new beliefs systems, new understandings, more compassion, and more consciousness…

So really embrace your Spirituality, your Metaphysics from this aspect – it is a part of your “rebel” growing and evolving that it is possible to do things differently and it is necessary to do things differently to achieve different results and different outcomes.

So don’t be shy nor embarrassed or the need to defend – celebrate your courageousness to think and to do things differently – but this time with Love, by Love, for Love and because of Love.

For the “rebel” exists without love, by omitting love, by rejecting love, and we say include Love.  The “rebel’ exists with fear, by fear, for fear and because of fear – and we say bring in the Joy.  Let the Joy shoo the fear away, let the Joy be the fuel, the motivation to encourage the “rebel” to evolve, to be a force for good – for this is its potential…

 Illuminating the Delight in Light

February 14, 2013