The adolescence is crying out for help

Winter TreeFor your world desperately needs to look deeper at its adolescent.  Desperately needs to listen to its adolescent, needs to have a greater understanding, a greater awareness of this, for left unchecked can cause so much destruction that you have witnessed this past week.

For adolescence build a wall around them which can develop into a personal prison of ‘hell’ for them, where their thoughts and imaginations can go very deep into the dark side, the shadow self fueled by films, television, video games and other images in the media.   So everyone, absolutely everyone needs to look deep at their own adolescent within themselves and find their part in their contribution to the whole – to the collective consciousness of the adolescent.

So important to hear and listen to the adolescent with an open heart and an open mind to understand their pain for it is deep seated and these woundings can penetrate the Soul.

They are so desperately crying out for help and don’t even know it.  The pain of rejection is unbearable, the pain of not belonging, not fitting in hurts to the core.

The humiliation kills any kindness, and shatters the heart – the pain of feeling unlovable is excruciating and cuts deep into their Soul – self-loathing and hatred of others.   Obsessed with this hatred, the adolescent is determined to rid themselves of the unbearable pain by passing it on, hoping this will relieve them of their shame.

Until humanity understands the importance of the adolescent years – learns more about it, delves deeper, finds the compassion and the love for those difficult years and is willing to support and encourage them with love, understanding and compassion – humanity will continue to learn and experience through great tragedy.

So honor those Souls willing to sacrifice their young lives, bring pain on their families so humanity can learn and grow – don’t let their contribution towards the evolution of humanity consciousness go unnoticed, slip on by so others have to step forward in the future.

Let this time be a time of much growth and expansion for the evolution of Consciousness, evolution of conscious wisdom and much much love…