The Spiritual Warrior is gaining ground…

Burbank-20120104-00282Forgiveness is such a huge part of your growth and expansion – it can move mountains AND change the World.

Holding on to your righteousness and judgments creates stagnation and polarization.  And by holding firm in and on this position invites endings and death.  Forgiveness does not judge and has no room for criticism, it only allows love to be present so mistakes and errors have room to correct and you can adjust your prospective.

Call off the dogs and step back to create space for another view so a new prospective can emerge and for forgiveness to step forward and be present.

Likewise, it is important to do the same for yourself – your little one, your adolescent and your young adult.  Give them space, hold a bubble of loving forgiveness around them so they can give themselves space and be gentle with themselves for their mistakes and know it is all part of growing and expanding.

The soldier only know to protect by violence and now we know through forgiveness, through compassion, through understanding that the Spiritual Warrior has emerged – it is more present in the world and and and gaining ground.

Keep going – allow more forgiveness in your life, in your reality, so the violence can begin to fade and the compassion and understanding can rise more as forgiveness becomes more prevalent in your life and in your reality.

We honor you this Thanksgiving for your willingness, your courage to be willing to keep looking, to keep seeking more conscious wisdom more than ever…

Illuminating the Delight in Light

November 22, 2012