Time to drop the word “controversy” from our language

We are asking for the word “controversy” to be dropped from the dictionary, from your language. For controversy causes friction and then each side gets anchored in their position and conflict ensues. Yes the entertainment industry thrives on controversy, thrives on conflict and promotes drama and presents this as entertainment. Yet they have not joined the dots that these energies spill out into the world and have now become a “badge of honor” to wear – life is only meaningful if it is filled with drama to create a hero or heroine.
So as audiences are fed on drama so their lives begin to be seduced by these energies, influenced by these teachings and before long the culture is immersed and embedded in drama.
For you witness this not every day but every hour in the news, highlighting the conflicts, the dramas being played out publicly. Time to pause, take these hands off the “panic button” to be the first to comment and review. Step back and comment from a neutral place, a centered space and allow the mistakes, the errors to be present without judgment so the truth can reveal itself