“Nichola’s Unseen friends help you explore the deeper dimensions of yourself by assisting you to evolve on your own unique path to knowledge. They gently lead in a loving way, shining light on your own Soul’s Luminosity to reveal more truth and wisdom of who you really are.”
– Kristin, Topanga CA

“Nichola creates a peaceful environment for you to explore your personal issues with her Guides.  After she returned from her trip to the Himalayan Mountains with Dr. Deepak Chopra, she became even more committed to helping people find their true uniqueness. I have witness the power of her Channeling and I highly recommend that you experience her process for yourself. Her input and guidance were insightful during a time when I had to reinvent myself.”
– TJ Palm Desert, CA

– Lisa, Burbank CA

“An amazing experience, leading me to explore different avenues for the answers I am seeking.”
– C.M.D, Los Angeles

“I was very happy with the channeling session I had with Nichola and Illuminating the Delight in Light. The information that came through was insightful and timely.  I recommend a session(s) for anyone who is in search of the “light” in their life.”

– Blessings, E.H., Burbank, CA

“So much wisdom and love, Nichola’s entities make you feel so safe to discuss the most sacred matters close to your heart.”
– Maria, Glendale, CA

“An Angel”
– Sally, Glendale, CA

“An incredible experience and beyond words… All I know I was peaceful and deeply happy within afterwards”
– JP, Berlin, Germany

“Nichola’s guides have a magical and loving way of weaving through to the heart of the matter that it so insightful and revealing that opens you up to so much potentiality and healing”
– Ann, Notts England

“After a session with Nichola, something always magical happens”
– Melanie, Los Angeles